m.i.l.k. digital id


Why is m.i.l.k.®

Law enforcement states that in a missing child situation, rapidly distributing a current photo can be the difference between a fast recovery and a prolonged search. Unfortunately, most parents are not prepared for this type of crisis.

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What is Home Organizer®?

Home Organizer® provides a painless method for organizing the home or home office. It is a software application that turns a PC into a virtual filing cabinet with its familiar looking and easy-to-use drawer and folder interface.

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m.i.l.k.® & Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials nationwide are quick to point out that the single most effective tool in recovering a missing child is a current photo. In the event of an emergency, the m.i.l.k.® Digital ID can immediately be forwarded to local authorities and NCMEC

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Get m.i.l.k.®

The m.i.l.k.® Digital ID is a featured component of the Home Organizer® software. After installation of Home Organizer, creating a Digital ID for each of your family members is extremely quick and easy.

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What is m.i.l.k.®?

In January of 2000, Imagery Concepts, LLC was
commissioned by Canon Computer Systems to develop the first Digital ID for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).


To aid in the recovery of missing children, the m.i.l.k.® (Managing Information on Lost Kids) Digital ID was designed to provide parents and caregivers a convenient location to store a digital photo and identification information regarding their children.


The m.i.l.k.® Digital ID is a component of the Home Organizer® software program. This vital data is stored in the privacy of the user’s computer. Should a person become lost or missing, with just a click, their m.i.l.k.® Digital ID can be printed or sent via email to the proper authorities and forwarded to NCMEC.


If the proper criteria is met, the local authorities will initiate an Amber Alert. In the event of a national search, this photo and identification information can then be broadcast to over 17,600 police departments and the vast database of NCMEC Poster Partner Program members.


NCMEC Letter of Endorsement

National Latino Peace Officers Association Letter of Endorsement

Protect and safety m.i.l.k

The m.i.l.k.® Digital ID was designed
to help protect your family members.
Use it to quickly create a digital ID
that can be used in the event of a
missing person emergency.

Educate Home-Organizer
Home Organizer® Educates with safety information provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and other concerned partners. Internet links connected to valuable online information are imbedded in your virtual filing cabinet.
Organizer and Home-Organizer
Home Organizer® provides a painless method for organizing the home or home office by allowing you to store all your household documents in one convenient location. No more looking for lost files or records. Home Organizer helps you immediately retrieve documents and reduce clutter.