m.i.l.k. digital id


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The m.i.l.k. Digital ID is a featured component of the Home Organizer software. After installation of Home Organizer, creating a
Digital ID for each of your family member is extremely quick and easy. Home Organizer can be purchased online for $49.95 or
received FREE of charge from one of our participating m.i.l.k. Distribution Partners.

If you are interested in sharing the value of m.i.l.k. throughout your community, we invite you to conduct a m.i.l.k. Event. By
partnering with a m.i.l.k. Distribution Partner you are insuring that your friends and neighbors have the latest technology to
protect their children FREE of Charge.

A m.i.l.k. Event is perfect for your school, church, local community event or apartment complex.



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