m.i.l.k. digital id

m.i.l.k. and Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials nationwide are quick to point out that the single most effective tool in recovering a missing child is a current photo. In the event of an emergency, the m.i.l.k. Digital ID can immediately be forwarded to local authorities and NCMEC.

The m.i.l.k. Digital ID has been called the first step in the Amber Alert.

Law enforment supports m.i.l.k.:
~ Patrolman Nate King ~
~ Detective Corporal Randy Lawmaster ~
~ Oklahoma City County Sheriff – John Whetsel ~


In June of 2001, m.i.l.k. was launched nationally at a press conference involving MSN at Microsoft®, MetLife® and NCMEC. Ernie Allen, President and CEO of the NCMEC, addressed the benefits of utilizing the latest technology to protect and educate families. Mr. Allen stated, "Through the combined efforts of Imagery Concepts, MSN and other leading corporations in America we hope to create a virtual dragnet between software users, law enforcement and NCMEC."

Law Enforcement agencies from across the country are working side by side with m.i.l.k.® Distribution Partners to help protect, educate and organize families throughout their communities.

m.i.l.k. receives Letter of Support from National Latino Peace Officers Association


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