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What is Home Organizer®?

Home Organizer® provides a painless method for organizing the home or home office. It is a software application that turns a PC into a virtual filing cabinet with its familiar looking and easy-to-use drawer and folder interface.

Home Organizer is used for three primary reasons:


  • –––––––––––––––––––––• immediate retrieval of documents
    –––––––––––––––––––––• reduction of clutter
    –––––––––––––––––––––• disaster recovery


It can be used for filing tax records, wills, warranties, property records, investments, monthly bills, photographs, recipes, computer files, homework and other subjects of interest. Users can quickly file important records and then instantly retrieve them with a simple click of their mouse.

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No additional computer hardware is required. Information can be typed directly on electronic forms included with the software. Home Organizer’s versatility lets users import computer files or upload images from a digital camera, disk or scanner.


Every member of the family can use Home Organizer.


Home Organizer is also a key element in assisting with insurance claims. It can be used to quickly build a complete digital inventory of possessions.


Files and images are stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer, so they always have immediate access to their data.


Home Organizer not only protects valuables, it also helps protect your most valuable asset – your children.


In an effort to protect, educate and organize parents concerning child safety and Internet safety issues, the m.i.l.k. Drawer in the Home Organizer filing cabinet contains electronic brochures covering issues such as choosing a babysitter, what to do should a child run away or be abducted, how a child can be safe on the Internet and many other topics.


The EARS® (Electronic Animal Recovery System) Drawer contains information regarding pet education and safety.


In addition to the storage and safety features of Home Organizer, it also includes complete Reminder and Scheduler programs.




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